Make your A/C smart and maximize your comfort and control your A/C from anywhere with MeON app and save a lot of energy


  • Cools or heats your home before you arrive
  • Saves energy and reduces your electricity bill
  • Let you control the A/C from anywhere
  • Optimizes temperature and humidity levels
  • Learns your habits and adapts to your lifestyle.

A climate control system allows you to monitor and control your energy consumption of the air conditioner, the lights, electronics, and some large appliances giving you a detailed history as well as an accurate real time analysis so you know exactly what to expect the next time you get the bill in the mail

Control your home from anywhere, right from the lights and fans to the air-condition, heating and doors. Be it just one room, an entire apartment or a complete ranch, every part of your property can be accessed remotely with our solutions. Comfort, security, energy savings and convenience are all in your fingertips now!

While usual options are often disparate and often limited in reach and capability, MeON offers an excellent and scalable solution that is complete in every sense. Easy to use and versatile even when new devises are added, we bring a whole new definition to the terms of ‘smart’ homes.

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