The term ‘Business communication system’ is evolving term to a more advanced and cost-effective small business communication tool, with voice, video, data, web conferencing, wireless, and other applications running on a single Internet Protocol (IP) network.

With a sophisticated business communication system, your company can realize many important business benefits. Here are just three reasons to consider combining a phone system with your IP data network:

Many Applications, One Secure Interface

A business communication system running on your secure network foundation allows you to access a variety of applications, including video conferencing, voicemail, database queries, and softphones, using a single interface.

Real-Time Collaboration

An advanced business communication system allows your workforce to collaborate in real time. You’ll have a communications solution that’s more cost-effective and far more powerful than a traditional phone system. Your employees can communicate with one another, and with business partners, suppliers, and customers using a combination of video, voice, data, and mobility applications.

All the Features You’ll Need Now, and Later

Today’s business communication system can easily and cost-effectively grow to meet your changing business and communications needs. The business communication system can be as feature-rich as you want, with paging, intercom, automated attendant, and ‘presence’ technology. Presence is the ability for anyone in your organization to instantly see who is available within the company for an impromptu phone call, web conference, video conference or any other interaction.

Your phone system can even be integrated with the business applications that you use daily, such as calendar and customer relationship management (CRM) software. This provides your workforce with easy-to-use, advanced communications tools, such as the ability to instantly view a customer’s purchasing history with your company when that customer calls.

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