Do you want to mount and create the floating HDTV on your wall? Are you tired of the cluttered messy and embarrassing cables in your home theater set up? Wish you could reorganize your living room to fit your décor styles? Would you like to get your favorite HD or non-HD content on your big screen TV without the mess of running of long cables or costs of tearing out walls?

MeON has developed innovative wireless solutions that deliver HD or non-HD content from your computers, dedicated devises and your home theater devices to your big screen TV. From utilizing the ultra-wideband (UWB) technology for PC to TV (Internet to TV) to the robust wireless “N” technology enabling the streaming and broadcasting of Full HD 1080p with digital audio from your Blu-ray player, HD DVR/Set-top box and other non-HD devices we capably deliver complete solutions.

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